RS3 Waterfiend Killer

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by tafani, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Any chance of this?
    -Death walking
    -Death teleporting
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  2. 100% support!
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  3. +1

    Waterfiends are one of the best spots for high cb xp.
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  4. I believe @SlashnHax had one before. But it's gone now.
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  5. I went to waterfiends last night with slashnhax's Alpha fighter and was getting 430k xp/hr with 70 range. if there was a script bot for this you'd get 99 within aday,
  6. What was your setup ?
  7. Armadyl + black salamander
  8. Would like to see proof of 430k xp an hour, with a 1+ hour sample. I've been there with 85 range and a black sally and got about 250k range an hour I believe.
  9. Yeah, i was there for 15 minutes & got 115k xp, It said xp/hr was 430k. When I trained there for longer than 1 hr it went back down to 250-300k
  10. did someone end up making this? id love for it to have banking option and loot options. id pay for a private script bot. pm me for details!
  11. I've made a waterfiend bot but need an account to test :) look Bot Projects to see the UI guys. Hope someone will find an acc to test ;)
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