OSRS We need a firecape bot.

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Sekki, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. cmon, We need a firecape farming bot, i've seen it before, its totally worth making

    also its very unlikely to get banned cus your gonna be alone in there
  2. I honestly don't see any need for one other than farming pet, 90% afkable as is.
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  3. Yeah i see what you mean, but as a botter, legitly getting firecape consumes too much time :p

    and i would love to have the pet too, which is why i requested this script bot
  4. I say there shouldnt be a bot. There should be like a tool to help you. For example chanaging prayers for you. Telling you what monsters are on the wave. Then every body would haave the pet.
  5. This is actually not a bad idea. But I wouldn't let it prayer switch for you, but rather say what attack is coming and what you SHOULD pray.

  6. The reason I said switch for you or something because getting the timing perfect with that would be a bit difficult for the coder and the gamers.
  7. I don't think it is really that hard, just filter on Jad's animation ID to figure out which prayer to use. The only problem I foresee is with the silliness of Clouse it may take too long or it's too inaccurate to successfully switch prayers.
  8. Lol im just saying one wrong second is like 96 hp gone lol.
  9. A second is a long time in coding terms.
  10. even if it is released im pretty sure its going to be a premium one
  11. thats fine to me. what 0.04 every fire cape? that would be worth it.
  12. And that's why it's not worth it for a bot author to code one.
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  13. A fight kiln bot would make 2m/h and the prices cant drop because onyx cant drop.
    That could be .7-10c/h

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