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  1. I made an account last week and botted it probably at least 16 hours a day. I got it to 40 att, 60 str. Only f2p and then decided to go fishing, I got to 55 fishing and then went back to combat training. I got banned yesterday after a week. I didn't bot in the security stronghold or chickens or cows when I did combat.

    So now I have made another account today. I am currently only botting attack and str. I have no plans to train any other skill, we sha'll see what happens. I will only be botting 6-8 hours a day this time.

    I am wondering if on the first account that was banned whether the fishing expedited that or not. So far the second account that i have created has 30 att and str and I have botted for about 5 hours straight. Also I am training combat at the same location as I did the first account that was banned.

    Ill keep this updated.
  2. Fishing is a sure-fire way of getting banned from my experience, quickly too.
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  3. Yeah Ive read that guide - and really it is common sense to me. When the first account got banned, I changed my IP immediately before I made the new one. I used to bot pre 2012 on powerbot and then RS buddy after. It's been years since I have botted anything or even touch runescape. I still have an account on RS3 from those days that is a maxed rune pure with 99s in fishing, woodcutting, strength, attack, range etc.. its not banned and I have no plans of botting on it since its complete. I really do like OSRS the most, it brings me back to my childhood, great nostalgia.
  4. On rs3 i have a fully botted account (all using runemate) with 1800 total, multiple 99's including fishing and thieving, never been banned nor had a black mark on it. Its all about how you bot. not what you bot. Good luck with your adventure friend. and remember new accounts always get banned quick. might be worth it to buy a fresh username account instead of making a new one :)
  5. How long is old enough for an account not to be on the radar? And I will not do anything by hand, I don't have time nor any motivation to do anything buy hand in these games anymore. I used to have it in me when I have really young back in 02 lol. All I wanna do is pk and stake.
  6. If its a username login instead of an email its typically good. i just buy 5 year old accs, their like $10 :)
  7. I think the 16 hours a day would have been a big factor tbh xD
  8. anyone have any success on botting rock crabs with mass fighter
  9. No. I assume because they don't show up as attackble targets. I tried it with the rock crab fighter but didn't have any success.
  10. UPDATE: just thought id update yall, I have been successful at this point in botting the second account. I have only trained combat stats and no skills. 2 of my combat stats are 80+. I started f2p and did 4-5 quests in between botting then got membership about a week later. I only bot during the day for 6-8 hours a day, no breaks except for when I finish the 6-8 hour botting period.I stay relatively consistent with this schedule and never bot past 8 hours.

    I have been using Massfighter as well and I don't do NMZ or rock crabs. I belive this ispart of my success so far as I have not botted in those popular hotzones that everyone bots in. I also belive that botting any skill with ban you quickly it is a matter of time.

    The only difference between my first acc that gt banned and this acc is that I did no train skills or bought past 8 hours daily.

    Just be patient with your accounts that you bot if you want them to stick around longer, obviously if your a gold farmer none of this really matters.

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