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  1. The current web is generating "bad" paths. It is using teleports in generated paths when it is not necessary. However, it does not always generate a path with teleports in these locations.

    For example, I am currently in the Varrock East Mine. I am about to walk to the Varrock East Bank, so I generate a path to it. Most of the time it generates the path correctly and I walk to the bank from the mine along the path outside the city. On occasion it will teleport me to the Varrock lodestone and then walk the rest of the way though.

    When at the bank, I am planning to walk back to the mine. So I generate a path again. This new path is more than likely going to teleport me to the Varrock lodestone and then walk the rest of the way. I have not seen it once generate a walking path back to the mine.

    These teleport paths are not faster. And even if they are, they are only a second or two faster if that. To me, it seems that the priority of the lodestones is a bit to high still. It looks inhuman to teleport this short of a distance in my opinion and the inconsistency of it also brings up some inhuman aspects in my mind.

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  3. We goofed and let the lodestones use the default weight mechanism instead of using a special one. I'm regenerating the web but that may take several hours.
  4. Sweet! Nice to know that the problem was found and will be fixed soon. Thanks guys!
  5. There has been a delay unfortunately :/ It turns out that a bug that I fixed with the generator recently has uncovered a new set of bugs that are resulting in the web we're generating being corrupted and thus unserializable. It has to do with doors that are both on the same tile and openable in multiple different states (as in with multiple different names depending on varbits). Until this is resolved a new web cannot be deployed :/
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    Should be fixed.
  6. Sweet. Thanks for keeping me updated
  7. What do you do with the data set that makes generating the web take hours, iirc you could generate a navigation mesh add in links for generic doors and ladders etc and prune it in a minute or two. Do you use the default serialization i noticed the speed was riddiculously slow not too mention it bloated the data size by a ridiculous amount compared to a custom encoder / decoder.
  8. There is still an error in the web first off. They already know about the error and are working on a fix. This is some of the cause for the bloated and slow loading times for web walking right now

    Secondly, are you talking about creating an entire web in a minute or two? Going through all the regions in runescape to generate a walkable path without objects would take a lot longer than that.
  9. Depending on how much memory the system has it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
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    It doesn't take all that long, rendering the web and building all of test paths for debugging takes longer than the generation xD
  10. There's definitely an issue with either the structure of your generator, the web objects or how you load the cache it shouldn't take up that much memory. What size is the web when loaded into memory and saved on the disk?

    I'd really recommend avoiding serialisation for things like this it just ends up slow and the files are bloated, look at the data set produced below that only takes up about 7mb on the disk total.

    I ran the generator to check for you it took around a minute and a half to generate the web across all regions and then under 5 seconds to prune it to the reachable parts to minimise the data set size

    This is the generator log

    This is the output, red links being object links

    Edit: Actually my bad add on another 2 minutes or so, i forgot i run another task to pre process the paths to an extent at a high level similar to HPA* to use as a heuristic to speed up the pathfinding
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