Resolved Web traversing and objects with messed up models.

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  1. Hey. I've added some doors to a web, and can traverse it. The problem is that the doors has messed up models.
    This is what the doors looks like:
    This is what the model for the door looks like:
    So, when i generate a path, and traverse it, it spends forever trying to interact with the door. I'm not really sure, how i should proceed.
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  3. Use a backup model. There should be a bounds editor on the bot store.
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    Here's the bounds editor: Viewer's Bounds Editor | Community | RuneMate
  4. Thanks!

    I made the door model smaller, and added it to the web, but it didn't work. I tried setting it as a backup and forcing it, but it seems that the model is reset upon being added to the web.

    When walking, i check if the next coordinate has any door on it and if it does, I force a new model on it, and interact with it.:D.
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  5. Hmm, might be a bug. @Cloud
  6. AFAIK the doors at barrows switch around every time, thus having another name or perhaps ID (if OP uses ID's). That would explain why forced model doesn't work, because it's another door that is being remodeled.

    @jonas can you shed some light?
  7. how are you adding the forced model to the web?
    You'd have to override getObject() to apply the model before returning the door.
  8. Some of the doors are locked when you enter. I'm a beginner programmer, so there's a good chance that it was just my code being wrong.:D I put every door within the crypt area, with the action open in a list, and loop through that list adding the doors to the web.

    I was forcing a new model on my door, before turning it into a objectvertex and adding it into the web.:D
  9. A SimpleObjectVertex? If you were overriding getObject to return a specific reference then that won't work sadly.

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