Resolved WebPath/RegionPath always returns null

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  1. For some reason on my client every bot seems to be unable to use WebPath/RegionPath.

    Diggin through code I found that both methods always return null.

    I tested on
    • 2 different machines
    • Windows 10 / Ubuntu / Arch Linux
    • RS3 and OSRS

    This is the output for MaxiWorldWalker:
    Code (Text):
    2. (12:42:16) MaxiWorldWalker V1.0.0 started!
    3. (12:42:23) [RegionPath failed, trying WebPath]
    4. (12:42:23) [WebPath failed, falling back to BresenhamPath]
    5. (12:42:25) [RegionPath failed, trying WebPath]
    6. (12:42:25) [WebPath failed, falling back to BresenhamPath]
    7. (12:42:26) [RegionPath failed, trying WebPath]
    8. (12:42:26) [WebPath failed, falling back to BresenhamPath]

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    Post #15 by Cloud, Apr 11, 2016
  3. Yeah same happens for me. Uses BresenhamPath for all my bots which isn't very useful in some cases. They just stopped working one day. Not sure why. :S
    Hope they fix it soon.
  4. Region doesn't work because the location you're walking to doesn't lay in your currently loaded region. Webpath PROBABLY doesn't work because the web is kinda shitty. So bresenhampath is the logical answer.
  5. RegionPath is limited to the current region.
    Web pathing using the default web is limited by where the web covers, which isn't the entirety of runescape, the default web also doesn't have any object vertices.
  6. Me dumb. Its working.
  7. True. Pretty sure last time I checked WebPath wasn't working for me.
  8. WebPath is working beatyful. The problem is the default web its using.
  9. Yeah that's what I meant. The default web is broken or something to do with it. If I render it, it's fine but if I try and step it just doesn't work.
  10. Yeah I just tested the Default WebPath it and even from a small distance (< 10) it doesnt work.

    Anyone know why?
  11. Not sure. My bots are just falling back to BresenhamPath which isn't great for some paths..
  12. Where abouts are you trying to build paths?
  13. @SlashnHax aren't you working on a highly detailed web to replace the default web?
  14. I was testing in Al Kharid bank area.
  15. This was the issue I was talking to you about a couple weeks ago.
  16. This has now been resolved. The application the default web relies on somehow was not restarted after the server was restarted. We're now investigating the cause to make sure this doesn't happen again. Apologies guys.

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