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  1. I've noticed at random times the browser window constantly loading even when a page (usually forums/thread) has loaded fully.

    Down the bottom left it will often say "waiting for"

    It seems to make the page slightly laggy/buggy when it is loading the tab.

    Windows 8.1 64bit
    8GB RAM
    Google Chrome
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  3. Why's your browser waiting for facebook... lol
  4. Posted in this section as it is the "Client and Site Support" section.

    Yes it still happens in Incognito, disabling/enabling Firewall makes no difference

    I am on the most up to date version of Chrome.

    I haven't noticed this on any other website
  5. Are you running through a firewalled network that blocks Facebook? Can you try loading
  6. No, I am not using any firewall - I did have the Chrome extension "Facebook disconnect" installed - but with this installed and working, and uninstalled, I still get the loading issues on this website. loads fine.

    It doesn't happen all the time - if I had to guess, it would be roughly 50% of the time. And this is the first and only website I have noticed it happen.
  7. Does this also occur on other browsers ?
    If no, then you'll have to reinstall Chrome.
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