Resolved WebVertex.setCostFrom NPE

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  1. Code (Text):
    2. java.lang.NullPointerException
    3.  at app.WbA.this(pg:2895)
    4.  at app.WbA.goto(pg:6041)
    5.  at
    6.  at app.WbA.this(pg:4339)
    7.  at app.WbA.goto(pg:5310)
    8.  at app.AaA.put(pg:3540)
    9.  at app.AbA.goto(pg:6331)
    10.  at
    11.  at
    12.  at
    13.  at
    14.  at com.runemate.api.Walking.walkTo(
    15.  at com.runemate.maxiscripts.looping.woodcut.MaxiWoodcutter.onLoop(
    16.  at
    17.  at
    18.  at
    @Cloud Occurs on this line
    path = web.getPathBuilder().buildTo(c)

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    Post #4 by Cloud, Jun 28, 2015
  3. Is that stack trace from the most recent build?
  4. It occurred 40 minutes ago
  5. Well it most definitely occurred from within Guava's local caches so it's not something I can fix. I'm going to update all of our maven dependencies and hopefully that'll take care of it. It's the first I've seen of it so it's probably a really rare situation.
  6. Great call. Exception logs was one of the best features we've implemented to date. :D Marking as resolved for now.

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