Resolved Were RuneMate's servers breached?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Salvation, May 1, 2016.

  1. When I opened the website from my speed dial (Community | RuneMate) it redirected me to the page where I can change my password. Any attempt to go to any other page (or even view notifications by hovering) was disabled. I changed my password and now everything is fine again.

    I did not get an e-mail for password recovery, so no-one attempted to hijack my account this way.

    So, what happened?

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    Post #4 by Savior, May 1, 2016
  3. every1 was forced to change the password. also i got a confirmation email that it actually changed. for some reason it also mentioned the IP adress where the password was changed from. Was a bit strange to me
  4. What was this about???
  5. New password expiration protocols were implemented, that's why the password reset happened.
    Source: Arbi 2k16
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  6. Can confirm.
  7. Yeah there is some real shady shit going on on this website today. Truth be told, i changed my password to be the same one, and i probably shouldnt have, because my account got hacked today. Meaning someone found out what my runemate password was, and used that to hack my runescape accounts. perhaps.
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  9. Yeah, no. Two-factor authentication is nice for critical logins like e-mail and payment websites. If my RM got hacked I would just pm Arbiter on Skype and have it back. No harm can be done when you log in as me, all you can do is post some stupid stuff to make me look like a jackass.
  10. Wrong. In RuneMate spectre you can add accounts. Meaning if someone had acces to your Runemate accounts and password, they could make the bot login for you, and steal your items. that is what happend to me today. So someone somehow hacked into the RuneMate server, decrypted the password (if thats even neccesary) and hacked my shit.
  11. I would very much enjoy making you look like a jackass :p But this is fair, if you don't feel two-factor is necessary then you aren't obliged to use it. I would get concerned if you then turned round at a later date and start complaining to RuneMate that you'd been hacked though :p

  12. Lol'd. Simply because it has been said so many times that this is not possible.
  13. It's okay I've explained it to him in PM.
  14. Its sketchy a little bit all these people claim to be getting hacked are all also using RM ... Whats going on?? And why was our passes/accs all deleted

  15. You literally JUST posted on a thread where this question was answered.
  16. Yeah i saw why it was but ... Why was it, were we getting hijacked a 3rd prty hacking rm's database?
  17. It's explained in the topic, it has nothing to do with Runemate servers.
  18. But then we wouldn't even be able to tell the difference :^)

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