What are some low risk bots?

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  1. I have a very very old account that hasn't gotten banned yet from training str, what else should I bot?
  2. Depends on what you want from that bot. Do you want to make money? Train skills. Do you want to make a pure? Train attack (Since you already have str). GET A GOAL MOTHER FUHER
    haha in seriousness, I would like to train ranged or magic
  4. Train range or magic then :p I use MassFighter and have gotten 40 att str def in a day.
    For mage I'd recommend using the splashing method which doesn't require botting and can be done on the runescape client.
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  5. Whats a good way to train ranged?
  6. Sorry I meant I use MassFighter. Well at level 1 range I went to chickens after about 10-15 go to cows or goblins. 30-35 Al-kharid warriors or stronghold.
  7. Chinchompas, if you have the money for it!
  8. Sadly I'm still 40 ranged, I'm looking on ways to level from 40-60 over the course of a few nights or low maintenance baby sitting.
  9. Magic. Alch or enchant shit. I have over 9 accounts with lvl 99 mage and over 700m made from runemate and @SlashnHax bots. Magic is where it's at
  10. Shit really? Mind if I get my hands on one of those 99 magers? :p Jking, what do you recommend enchanting?
  11. I should probably try moneymaking... Ehhh ceebs xD
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  12. Firstly, what are you going to do with the account? Skilling or high-level PvM? If it's PvM then train Strength, Attack and Defence to 99. Ranged to 99 for Armadyl boss.
  13. yeah accounts with 99 pure magic aren't too much use unless you want easy defence or smithing levels. If you have a maxed magic, smithing and herblore you could easily bring in 90m a day with 3 accounts.
  14. Pure
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    But really I'd train any skill as long as it's low risk.

    Hows fletching?
  15. Fletching and any other bankstanding skills are good to go - that is if you want to get banned asap.
  16. Well, you had me.
    I thought I was on the road to 99 fletching, but guess not.
    What skill would you recommend botting? You can PM me it if you want to, I just need to bot another skill besides combat to make my account less bannable.
  17. I find bankstanding skills not that "bannable" because you get less reports.
  18. Do you have experience doing so?
  19. Agility or mining.
    Not if you bot in obvious places like most people do e.g. GE. And it's OSRS, so you'll get banned pretty fast if you get too greedy.
  20. For some reason i thought this was RS3 so what i said doesnt aply to your case. Sorry for the misunderstood.

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