What Bots have you been banned using recently?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Maddix, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Lets see what the main bots are to avoid.

    State the bot and game version of runescape you were using, as well as ban status..

    Runescape 3, Arias Abbys Crafter, and Ultra Dungeon, 48hr ban.
  2. Came back from a long quit last week, used the slayer bot for about half an hour and celestial divination for about an hour, 48h ban
  3. MaxiMiner - Darkscape - Ran for roughly 12hours over 3 days - PermBan
    MaxiChopper - Darkscape - Ran for roughly 6hours over 1 day - PermBan
    MassFighter (magic)(Cows) - Darkscape - Ran for 12hours over 3 days - PermBan
    MassFighter (magic)(Goblins) - Darkscape - Ran for 8hours over 2 days - PermBan.

    These were all prior to the latest update so the results maybe redundant.
  4. Pretty irrelevant atm imo. Bans seem more like a client issue right now.
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  5. All bots in every game. Seems every client and every bot is banning. Whether it be in 1 minute or 1 week. The bans are getting handed out like soup at a homeless shelter.
  6. Possibly, I noticed the amounts of bot running has gone up since the last update so perhaps its better now?, Ive been running a bot sine then which has not been banned yet... I know writing this i'm probably jinxing myself but thats a good sign in my book as prior to the update I couldn't run for more than 1 day.
  7. Maxicooker OSRS - 48.
    Cooked about 12k lobs over the course of two days. I likely did it to myself
    I seriously feel as if they're detecting us through the client we use atm.

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