Question What do I use to open runemate on PC

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  1. Hey everyone so I usually use runemate on my macbook and I open it with Java(Jar launcher) what program do i use to open Runemate on PC(windows 10 to be exact) thanks p.s. i tried to open with Java and a window opens but then very quickly closes on it own. thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out :)
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  2. Java is 'universal' in a way. Try uninstalling all versions of your Java on your Windows, then install the latest Java update (8u60 if I'm correct). To find this, google "Java se downloads" which should take you to the latest version download page.
  3. can you tell me which one, the link brings me to a list of like 10 different options theres 2 at the bottom that are windows and look almmost identical idk which one to choose thanks
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