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Discussion in 'Graphics' started by kristiaan, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. A friend of mine is a really good hacker.
    He and a couple of his weird friends are working on a project to mass hack some servers...
    And they wanted a logo :p
    What do you think? :p
  2. whitehat or gtfo

    The art is nice doe.
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  3. tbh i don't know. ^^
  4. You know depending on how far they go (if they actually do go far), the fact you are posting being associated with them makes it easy for any federal investigation to find you, question you to get to them. Unless its just simple stuff that doesn't get the feds attention, then you are fine.
  5. i dont know them irl :) so nothing i can say ;D
  6. I like the eyes. Not a fan of the spiky font though.
  7. probably just a bunch of script bot kiddies, logo is cool but I feel as if the inside of the letters should be plain and not have the triangles going into them (if that makes sense) so just have the pointy parts on the outsides but not in the centre of the letter
  8. no scriptkiddies :p Luit is the guy i know and he has hacked some major companies in the past :p
    Mcdonalds, microsoft, sony, and last week Yahoo :p
  9. Pic or didn't happen
  10. Damn. I want to learn to hack

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