Suggestion What does the counter (x bots online) really mean?

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  1. Suggestion: Question prefix needed.

    Actual question:
    How is it measured (actual bots, forum users, forum guests+user, a combination)?
    What timespan does it encapsulate and how often is it updated?
  2. I always assumed each client which is current botting? Didnt think it was to complicated.
  3. It represents the amount of running clients (Potentially only clients running bots? Not sure on that detail)
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  4. To answer conclusively, it is the number of clients currently running. It is a real-time stat, so there is no "in the last 30 minutes" shenanigans. However, clients that are not running bots are included as well as those running local bots. This portion accounts for less than 10% of the total typically.
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  5. Well real-time can only be updated ever so frequently, but it's nice to know that it's actually the clients, and not just a metric shitton of crawlers/spiders/bots on the forum!
  6. We use callbacks so it always accurately reflects the current amount.

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