What does your screen name mean?

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  1. The Question is "What does your screen name mean?" Ill get this started with "Light Yagami" Is a main character from a Japanese Anime called "DeathNote", Its has a story line off a Creature unknown to humans droping a book to earth which allows any name written in it to die as the name entails "DeathNote"

    Hope Someone finds this inreresting, Jack
  2. Haha my name is actually from Lego's series of action figures, if anyone remembers the Bionicles stuff and shit :)
    I'd love to hear more of people's history of their usernames ;)
  3. Bertrand Russel has been a personal motivational person for me. Quotes such as 'The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time' and 'The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation' are quotes to live by.

    I'm a firm believer of not living by certain rules someone else made up, but Mister Russel has very similar ideology compared to my own.
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  4. I use to love watching the Bionicles series, I cant remember what channel it was on in the Uk
  5. My current username is shortened from my original alias ArbiterOfChange, which essentially means "one who influences change." The alias was an original creation and contrary to popular belief has nothing to do with the Halo franchise.
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  6. Back during the powerbot era I requested a namechange to this. I do not recall why I picked this, but I thought it sounded cool at the time.
  7. Yeah right, you just loved to watch innocent cabbages get destroyed.
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  8. neckbeard - beard =
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  9. school nickname because of my skin colour and i like the number 301
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  10. I actually have no fucking idea, I was young.
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  11. I remember my very first screen name it was Pretender228 just because haha was only 9
  12. I've used this name since I got my PlayStation 1, about 15 years ago? I'm almost 19 now, so yeah. :p
  13. Haha I'm just 18 ten days ago and I still have my PS1 :cool:
  14. Same. :D
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  15. My username came from a very old counter strike 1.6 server call "laydback's playground" i was only 11 yrs old at the time and enjoyed my stay in that server.
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