what is the point of life?

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  1. Everyday we do the same thing we did yesterday. Minor changes don't make a difference.

    We study, work and die. Where is the point of that?

    (not a butthurt teenager who thinks school is the hardest part of life. I know there are much worse conditions in third world countries or even here, yet i want to get a refreshing answer that will help me understand point of life.)

    Thank you
  2. I've had my fair share of questioning existentialism (existence, purpose of life) and even taken courses for a degree completion. The short answer is: Life is simply what you make it to be. Purpose is pretty much everywhere. And at the end of the day, all of your work is insignificant in comparison to the scale of reality. (We are pretty much the size of atoms when you look at distant clusters of galaxies)

    I am also a bio major and there is pretty much no real way to determine if you are alive or dead because the brain has a tendency to compensate. (Optical illusions) However, there is good news. Scientists believe memories are never really stored but are the result of complex pathways of chemical reactions taking place (patients with degenerative brain lose memories and can get them back). Therefore, the existence of eternal life is possible for as long as there is matter (atoms and molecules). However, this is paradoxical to the big bang theory that suggests the assault of nuclear fission that started from nothing. How can you get something from nothing? There are endless mysteries out there, so little time to live and understand them all.

    But we do know that the better we understand our world / reality, the better we are as human beings.For our knowledge is the reason why we are able to extend life (medicine has improved quality of life, humans live longer). My purpose is to find a new ways to extend the life of average humans. The longer we stand on this earth (as individuals, you and I) the more we can help.
  3. i see. but what do you get out of this? you study, study, study. then when you finally know somehing, you die. what a fucking awesome thing to happen.

    i just want to know how to live a life. all i do atm is: school, gym, sports outside the gym, study, sleep, repeat. thats not a life man. thats fucking prison. and i dont know how can i change anything? can any of you help me with this?
  4. Truly this is the question of perspective. Take some recreational drugs and see how limited you are to movement or clear thought. Get yourself wacked out of your mind on LSD and see just how difficult living life is. Imagine yourself living with autism and your brain is constantly fighting you, totured by your own brain, something you cannot see or even feel.

    Living a life requires yourself to keep your brain happy. Psychedelics like LSD and shrooms are known to rewire brain pathways, resulting in a fresh mentality/prespective, (reborn feeling) that people tend to describe. Take Steve Jobs or Bill Gates LSD trips for instance, they both owe their work in some shape or form. But it is not the drugs that give you knowledge, it is what you do with your time on them. You can achieve this type of knowledge through meditation as well. Inner peace, finding your inner self, restoring balance in a brain of chaos. A chaotic brain is not a healthy brain.
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    I honestly believe if you're not happy with your current lifestyle, a drastic change is necessary. Pick up hobby you've wanted to try, take a vacation, do something.
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  5. that exactly is my problem.... OCD in different stuff. not lining up part. but serious life OCD that is killing me everyday. depression and all thag shit. i am doing gym and sports just because of that. else i would still be playing games like i used to. i made a thread in Casual if you want to read to what is happneing to me. maybe you can help me as you know how brains work. would appreciate alot. thank you
  6. The point of life is to work hard and play hard.
  7. Very controversal...

    biologic: reproduce as much as possible to safe human race.

    economic: pay taxes and work until you die

    theological: i have no clue tbh, spread the word of your favourite imaginary friend

    philosophical: personal, different for every philosophe, including you and everybody else discussing this

    cosmical: thats where it becomes interesting. there is the macro cosmos, made of the biggest things we cant even think of, and the micro cosmos, containing quarks, and fucking small things. And then there is us, somewhere in between, wondering why we exist and why things are like they are.
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  8. LOL
  9. yet all this stuff doesnt make life any better you know. I need to get back that feeling when you are enjoying something. Like doing something you like and dont worry if it is useful or not. Just enjoy it. I cant achieve that anymore. No matter what i tried. Thats why i am asking this and what can i do to change this
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  11. Well personally I think that it is a waste of time to mess around finding out the real point of life. But an abstract point to live is just to make the best out of it. It's the only thing we have, so tell me one good reason not to do stuff I really want to do.

    It may sound ridiculous, but yolo. No one knows what happens after a person's death (thats the main motivation of religion imo), so just do everything you want while you still can.
  12. yeah i am. i tried everystuff i can do (with my age, money etc). I am thinking of taking antidepressants. But that means i cant drink alcohol anymore and more stuff. i am really afraid of taking any pills after those fucked my life up.
  13. Well just dont lmao. There is more than that to come out of depression. I've never been depressed before, so excuse me if I appear to talk shit. I'd say a way to be happy in life is 1) set goals, and 2) have something you have access to everywhere you are, for me, this is music.

    Try it with Barney Stinson's "Get Psyched" Mix :p
  14. Or just listen to em Harvey Specter quotes for motivation;)
  15. Harvey is life
  16. @Qosmiof2 here's a Harvey quote for you:
    you want advice, call Dr. Phil
  17. Rachel "You look nice Harvey"
    Harvey "Thank you, so do I"
    So great
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  18. those were actually funny. Where can i find more of them? Just harvey quotes?
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    i tried. The problem is, that even music doesnt seem enjoyable anymore... Everything is just black and white and boring since. thats what i am trying to change. I have goals. I am working for them. Working hard. Doesnt change anytjing tho. I achieved some of the goals i set since that happened. It didnt feel anything good. Just that "nice. another useless shit you did." Even if it was a very big step and success i would usually be proud of.
  19. Life is what you make of it, if you're sick of doing the same thing day in and day out, go and do something new.
    Set goals, achieve them.
    If you're unhappy, don't just dwell on it thinking "This sucks, I wish it were different.", actually do something to change it.
    I've been through depression, and it really sucks. The first step is realising and admitting you have it, the second step is actively trying to improve your life, those are the easy parts, the hard part is slowly crawling your way out of it. You might think that achieving the goals you've set are pointless, but that mindset is self-destructive. Think of it as "With this achievement, I've proven that I'm better than I was when I set the goal.". Starting a sport is a pretty good help too, you surround yourself with friends and have something to look forward too each week, even if you aren't any good at the sport.
    It's hard not to focus on the negatives, but one thing you can do is pick them apart and set goals to overcome them, small changes add up over time.
    Keep your head up and keep battling on :)
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