OSRS What kind of script would you pay for and you need asap

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Qosmiof2, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Need an idea for a premium script bot.

    (The ones whos idea i choose, gets the script bot for free for 1 month)

    Thank you.
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  2. Just make a bot of a category you feel comfortable with, put alot of effort in it, expand it as much as you can, and you have a premium worthy bot.
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  3. Yea indeed, but people won't need it, so it Will be a waste of time :/
  4. You have to make the bot so good that people actually start needing it.
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  5. OSRS skeletal wyvern (nice money making) or NMZ.
  6. Today your posts indeed are deep
  7. Man I am serious :(
    If you make one, really good, premium worthy bot which is different from other bots, people WILL use it.
  8. I would pay for a script bot that can create runescape accounts automatically and run then through tutorial island without ban :D
  9. Lava dragons, Anti pker(fights with logout button already selected so just have to click it, looting bag support, death walking with regearing, etc
  10. For some reason there are no OSRS bots for rune crafting, I believe people would pay for one since they are kinda in demand with it being the largest money making method and no other scripts bots out there on RuneMate.
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  11. There is. check again xD
  12. a good pest control bot
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  13. Slayer that supports all combat, equipment swapping, efficient use of tabs and runes that also buys equipment for slayer tasks (such as gloves spiny helms etc)
  14. There is 1 bot that hasn't been updated in ages and only supports F2P runes which make no money? Rune Crafting is the biggest money maker in RuneScape other than staking etc, I am surprised there isn't already 10+ bots or requests for one.
  15. which runes do you want to craft? I dont have the capacity to make a diverse rc bot. But I can make a very specific one.
  16. Atm the bot I use is making me 800k+ an hour, a level 3 accounts can be setup and ready to run within 1 hour of account creation on both F2P and P2P.

    Beat this, and i'll use yours. =) Don't care what its doing.
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  17. Nature runes would be the best for the average person trying to make money.
  18. Runecrafting in itself isn't that great, the bot really needs to utilize the abyss and possibly summoner pets as well (to really max proffit), It will also have to handle pouches, obstacles in the abyss and have a failsafe such a quick teleport (fom ammys ect) incase of dying.

    With all the above in mind, if the bot works and you have 91 crafting, easily 2.5mill+ per hour.
  19. Sounds like you're describing @Aria's Alpha Abyss Runecrafter.
  20. I dno how good it is, haven't used it. I knew there was a abyss bot. I assumed when max said 'one that hasn't been updated in ages' he was referring the the abyss one.

    I tell you what would be nice, is a bot that not only does abyss and all of the above but will also check the stats/skills of the player and get them to an appropriate level before goign to RC (and auto get the pouches as well)

    Or alternatively some kind of Manuel task, so you can setup to get say mining to 50, agility to 50, combat to 60 and then its ready to start crafting.

    The only reason i stopped using Abyss on EB was due to the amount of setup the characters took, meant more work on my part.

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