OSRS What kind of script would you pay for? I can't get any ideas. Requested here are all for free imo

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  1. Please. I need ideas.
  2. a good mining script bot what can powermine/bank every where in runescape would be sick, an rune miner where it could go to the wildy and mine rune and then hope worlds.
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  3. I will consider this one AIO miner. I have to think how it would get the closest bank.
  4. i think mage bank would be your best bet
  5. I am talking bout the all over rs bot. not runite
  6. OS ideas or RS3?
    Whoops didn't see.

    1. Combination RC crafter. Combo runes are kind of expensive pretty easy to make. Needs Lunar Diplomacy and Magic Imbue. Only con being it's hard to sell and RC can be a hotspot, but you aren't botting at Nats at least.
    2. Skeletal Wyverns are pretty good money. Somewhat easy to kill, but again people can see you bot.
    3. Zulrah. Best money making method and instanced. People will only be able to report you when you're leaving. I know there was a bot on another bot but it got people banned a ton.
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  7. Edit: Derp osrs
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  8. Would love a Barrows one
  9. That'd be amazing I love that idea, I don't know of any osrs barrows bot, only 1 rs3 barrows bot out atm too I believe
  10. Have to basically pay two monthly's for it as well... I'm trying it this month on one account and seeing how much I get from it.
  11. oh the one im talking about is free for now as it is beta, but I'm not going to say where; Don't want to advertise them :p
  12. Pyramid Plunder bot.
  13. working on AIO miner...


    Someone is already working on it

    I think slash is working on it
  14. Have a look at premium bots on competing clients, they might give you some ideas :p
  15. warriors guild, flawless with gathering tokens/killing. set amount to gather then it goes and grabs food to attack giants.
  17. a bot that charges glories
  18. Would Zulrah be an option?
  19. Didn't see it was for OSRS, sorry lol
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  20. Abyss crafter.

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