What make IDungeon so good back in the day

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  1. What make IDungeon so good back in the day? ,Tell RuneMate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. it ran for long periods of time without issue and got decent experience...

    same thing that makes any bot good...
  3. It worked very well and was smooth, I personally used it quite a bit and it is and was better than any dungeoneering bot i've ever used.
  4. Everything.
  5. Do you think RuneMate go to have a good like idungeon?
  6. It worked and was stable. That's what was so good about it xD
  7. I would run it from reset to reset, 150+ hours every time no ban ever, never stuck, efficient, beautiful. Completely customizable, knew what was efficient and what wasn't, could hunt new binds for you etc
  8. Most likely... no. iDungeon was the first fully functioning dung bot ever. RuneMate will have better, but not like a legendary iDungeon one. That's unless you manage to make the bot function with a 5-man team large where the bot pilots all em accounts.
  9. Not really, I can say that by looking at the first few lines of code where there is a massive amount of IDs. Runemate doesn't support many ways of working with IDs.
    Second, iDungeon is simply outdated, there are so many new things in RS and dungeoneering that it would rather pay off to completely write a new one instead of porting iDungeon and adding/changing features...
  10. Dang thats a bummer, I really miss the iDungeon days :/
  11. Who doesn't, RS was perfect in those days imo :(
  12. Pre-EoC<3

    Jagex pls return pre-eoc :) :) :)
  13. Here, have some legacy
  14. Legacy is nowhere near pre-eoc. Eoc is overpowered af, making legacy completely useless. Not to mention, dual wield and shit.
  15. Amen
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  16. it got me 110 Dung , and ALOT of other lvls up , and it wouldnt bugg out :D
  17. legacy combat is more for pvp purposes tbh, if you want a pre-eoc feel without having to use 'useless legacy' combat then use the legacy interface with eoc and revolution
  18. Still way higher dps than it was previously. And legacy interface doesn't really work for high level PvM anyways.
  19. yes, because legacy is... old and a lot of the newer high lvl bosses were made before legacy was out (so only eoc and the modern interface was kept in mind)
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