What should we know about Jagex bans?

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  1. Jagex rules:

    "However, if any of your accounts obtained wealth by rule breaking activity for example macro use (botting) or real world trading (buying gold or items from 3rd parties) then all your accounts will be banned."

    So basically I had 4 bots running. 3 mining and 1 smelting. The system detected that smelting bot is pretty obvious macro and auto-banned account. Along with the smelting acc the mining accounts also got banned BUT the main account still wasn't banned, even tho I don't use a proxy and all work was done on sam home ip.

    Anyone know what kind of logic they use?

    Also if I'll put all my suicide-accounts on another ip, even after transferring stuff will they still track down my main acc with trades / ip and ban it?

    Also reading threads someone mentioned flagging ips, whats that?
  2. Jagex really just does as they feel. Flagging IP's is a concept where, should you get banned, Jagex puts your IP on a watch list and it checks all accounts played through this IP. It's mainly used on large gold farmers.
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  3. They never do that shit unless you're a major goldfarmer.
  4. I've figured out so far that if one acc gets banned, all other macroing accounts get banned also. Instantly.
    Also appearantly botting more than ~ 8+ hrs or so gets also banned fast
  5. I actually read something about your used accounts being stored in the random.dat file.
    So if you delete this, your other accounts used won't be banned.
    Again, this is just something I have heard...
  6. If you delete it, it will be automatically generated again as soon as you load the client again. Best would be to delete it, wait till it gets automatically generated again (as empty file) and make it read-only.
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  7. You're right :)
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  8. That's not true at all.
  9. My random.dat is read only already, but not empty

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