What would you do with this?

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  1. I was wondering what a person would do with specs like this. I have not used it in a while so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I can do with it.

  2. Holy !@#$...
  3. goldfarm like a mofo
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  4. Create a VPS service
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  5. I know..but I don't want to run a porn service.

    I already ran over 20+ bots etc. I gave up on botting always bans for days. Rather spend it on other resources cuz I don't have private scripts bots etc.

    I could do that but people like to underpay providers.
  6. I DO! I just run 2 bots though. cant run stuff for days on my shitty connection
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    If you run a lot of bots on the same connection, you are likely to get caught. Run 3-4 bots on its own proxy and it will lower the chance of a ban by a lot
  7. Make 10 virtual machines, on each machine a vpn and 3 bots :p 30 bot goldfarm :) with diff IP's :D
    lets say they all do hunter crimson skillchomps :p = 315k per hour :) 10m/h :) 240m/day :) = 72-85$ day :) i would say not bad :D
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  8. And you could even get rates of upto 500k with much less reqs than crimson skillchompas
  9. Yeh true, its just the method i am using atm :p but i know there are even methods up to 2m/h with no reqs :p a friend makes his own scripts bots & clients and he made a '07 wildy looter :p making good cash per day on 40 accounts :p
  10. 1) VPN service which allows torrent traffic.

    2) Game server.

    3) Log-less SSL web proxy.

    4) Seedbox.
  11. Play runescape on resizeable mode:)
  12. these specs
    i want them
  13. Dammit :eek:
  14. [​IMG]
    And i was thinking my internet was fast...
  15. If I only knew how to.

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