What would you pick.. I've been thinking about this one for like 20 minutes now..

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  1. Grill, HD camera, computer. Sell porn for more MateCoins™, buy all items.
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  2. I will stay where I am :p
  3. this i guess
  4. I'll hand in all the money for 40 points

    Full Kitchen
    Workout room
    Top of the Line PC
    All video games
    Hygiene products and bath tub
  5. dat 18 points though hmmm, pretty tempted.

    The gal, The pc and the kitchen haha.

    Living without good music or movies for 10 years would be shitty haha.

    That girl is bangin though. She will comfort and make you feel not lonely AND fuck you and cook, a pc so i can still program etc and a kitchen so i can make good food.

    ARGH 30 points just aint enough, it still sounds rather horrible, no internet and no hygenic shit and no sun or trees :(

    Would do it for 10m though.
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  6. With what internet connection?
  7. The internet package is a joke, it doesn't have download.
  8. Fuck you okay?
  9. girl, microwave, garden with greenhouse, tv (thats 29 points, thanks for the 10m)
  10. It would also suck being stuck with java 8 and intelljidea 14.0.1
  11. Barry Bonds and a gun.
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  12. u gonna produce alot of weed and just be high for 10 years arent u?
  13. I would go for:
    1. The girl to not become lonely, to help in the kitchen and in the workshop and with whatever. (12 points left)
    2. Full kitchen because I'm not settling with fastfood for ten years. Can also make your own booze here. (6 points left)
    3. Workshop because here you can make workout room, pool table, etc. (0 points left; trade 5 million for 5 more points)
    4. Garden with greenhouse for sunlight and whatnot, and a cell phone to google whatever you need to know.
  14. I changed my mind, the girl, full kitchen, radio, green house and sunlight, gimme da 10m
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    Would anyone do it optionally?
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  15. I'd ditch the sunlight in the basement because the greenhouse offers sunlight (but only inside the greenhouse) and switch the radio for the surround sound system in that case.
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    I'd do it if I had just a little bit more points.
  16. 6 - Computer
    4 - Library
    7 - Money + Stock Market
    6 - Kitchen
    3 - Medical Care (Upgraded)
    4 - All video games

    Honestly I think I'd do just fine with this set-up.

    P.S. No internet on purpose. A window to the outside world would lead to severe depression for most people.
  17. No internet connection?

    EDIT: You could use the cellphone to create a Hotspot for your computer one day a week for just 3 points.
  18. no hot grill?
  19. Just edited my post to explain why. :p
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    She's too expensive... the goal for me would be to make the 10 years a period of self-betterment, with just enough luxuries to not blow my brains out.

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