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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by ricespud, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. I woke up to DivineNMZ having been running for 9 hours (about 3x longer than an average dream should last) and I wanted to see what had happened. Here is my most recent RM Spectre log:

    [Debug] RuneMate Version: 2.3.3
    [Debug] Java Version: 8u92 x86 (Oracle Corporation)
    [Debug] Operating System: Windows 10 x64
    TitledPane[id=root, styleClass=titled-pane]'Settings'
    [email protected][styleClass=titled-pane]'Statistics'
    Adding pane: Smithing
    DivineNMZ v2.0.0-beta3.1 started!
    Total runtime: 00:00:00
    DivineNMZ v2.0.0-beta3.1 started!
    Took too long to setup the GUI. script bot has been stopped.
    Total runtime: 00:00:00
    TitledPane[id=root, styleClass=titled-pane]'Settings'
    [email protected][styleClass=titled-pane]'Statistics'
    Adding pane: Smithing
    Npc dismisser has been activated!
    Total runtime: 03:11:09
    DivineNMZ v2.0.0-beta3.1 started!
    Total runtime: 09:24:27

    Are logs handled differently for each bot? I expected to see some kind of error. What I suspect happened is my char DC'd and the login handler was unable to re-log because I use bogus credentials to avoid standing outside of NMZ all night trying to drink an Overload outside of a dream. I will post in DivineNMZ thread if needed but this is more of a general question log question because all of my logs appear to be this sparse and lacking info.
  2. Logs show whatever it output by System.out and any exceptions thrown. By the sounds of it, the bot did nothing and was automatically logged out.

    @Serene basically ur bad
  3. ROFL thanks for the fast response and I was hoping that was not the case but oh well :rolleyes:

    Not to gang up on @Serene but I guess this is why I was unable to find anything in logs when DivineOrbs wouldn't work for me.

  5. 6 hour proggy? I'm paranoid I typically do 1 dream at a time. And is that with blowpipe?
  6. Kaze gave me a 12 hour one a while back. Yeah that's with blowpipe.

    EDIT: Up to 7 hours. Prolly run it til 8 then shut it down.
  7. How does pNightmareZone handle hiccups like DC's? I'm assuming it checks for the presence of Dominic to tell that it's out of the dream so it doesn't sit there spamming OVL? At least that's how DivineNMZ does it. Also do you have any checks in place for going too long without attacking a boss? There have been a few times that I've gotten stuck in a "safe spot" where the bosses can't reach me so I don't retaliate, just sit there flicking Rapid Heal and drinking OVL/Absorps till I notice and manually fix it. :p
  8. Never experienced any safespots in NMZ. There was a hideyhole in there for some reason but has since been removed.

    DCs shouldn't be an issue, it'll just top up on potions and go again.
  9. @Party noob stop stealing my consumer base while I'm away. 6 hours AINT NUFFIN, I just don't go balls in when I bot.
    @ricespud yeah that is my bad, shoot me a pm with what happened. Your setup, UI choices, etc.
  10. I mean I'll get 50 hours when I get potion buying in :')
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