RS3 What's the Best Way to Make Money?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by BrightMoon, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. All of my bots are members. What RS3 bots should I use and what should I be doing in those bots to make the most money an hour?
  2. You should check the money making guide on the RuneScape wiki. Many of the good methods are there.
  3. Rune bars are 1m/h profit.
    I have a smelting bot with portable support.
  4. That sounds like good money. Damn good money. Most of the bots are really slow at travelling, which seriously hurts resource collection ability. The Runescape economy can actually benefit from botted resources imo. Most people just play investor now and barely anyone farms. Efficient bots benefit their owners and the economy at large!
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    Your bot's navigation is SUPERB! I'm sure the other bot authors would appreciate your navigation expertise. xD Wow.
  5. Divination is where its at on money making
    bot iron ore until ur a lvl 75 you should be able to have a bond within 3 days or less
    then bot divination until ur a lvl 75 use enhanced experience
  6. Divination for transmuting stuff?
  7. no the energy it lself can be sold
  8. Sell the energy on rs forum for even more profit m8
  9. @AlexH666 What are the rune bar profits per hour without the coal bag? I don't think I'll be able to get my bots coal bags.
  10. Much slower, try cleaning torsol then. 1.5M/h profit. (75 herblore)
  11. bro i just noticed that when i was a level 75 in divination i gained like 5.5-->5.9k an hour
    now that im a level 79 im gaining like 6.5k an hour
  12. Shouldn't be a difference considering 75+ divination = 3 energies.

    It might be the duration of the enriched wisps doe... or div gear n shit.
  13. no i got no divination gear i wear no gear at all
    i just find it weird that when im only level 75 it only give 5.9k per hour but it increases to 6.8k once i hit 79
  14. it could be more people using pulse cores.
  15. Is there a good money making method with combat using some of these scripts bots?
  16. It could be pulse cores or perhaps the bot has been speeded up, and that would make a huge difference if that was the case.
    Spiritual mages are easily 2m+/h
  17. What script bot do you use for them? :eek:
  18. Just bot Divination when you get 95 bot 10 hrs you will get 30000 Energy from converting to xp and 11M
  19. Just use alpha fighter. The reqs for em mages are high tho... around 80 slayer.
  20. I know they have a lot of drops so i probably would have to make a lot of trips.

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