Resolved When ever i open runemate and osrs together they lag so much!!

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  1. So i've been using runemate for quite a while now but just recently (about 3 days ago), whenever i open runemate and osrs together they lag so incredibely much,please someone help me would be much appreciated
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  3. Upgrade your computer. RuneMate is the lightest RuneScape bot I've seen in a long time. If it's lagging your computer, then it's long past due an upgrade.
  4. Thing is on my pc its starting to work slowly too after 1-2 hrs. Was using Alpha Divination, the longer uptime - the slower RS3 client working( I think its not because of my pc:
    Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_12.jpg
    I was running up to 20 instances of ArcheAge on it before, and now its dying with only one instance of Runemate + RS3. I'm new to RS so maybe its my fault, maybe someone know some tricks to improve performance or sth.

    How much instances of RS3 are you running on your pcs, and which pc configurations do you have?
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