Rejected When I trust a device, I also want to remember the password

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Salvation, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. My password is between 20-40 randomly generated characters long, so it's a bit difficult to remember. Opening my password manager and copy/pasting it surely works, but it's annoying.

    Please allow the client to remember my password, or let it rely on the logged in user on the actual website, so that I don't need to log in on the client anymore at all.
  2. Agree on this :) +1
  3. agree. +1
  4. Not taking that risk. Access to the RuneMate client is also inherently access to your RuneScape accounts. Those are too valuable to be automatically accessible to anyone who has physical access to your computer. While your security practices may be top notch we have to appeal to the lowest common denominator on this one. If you go out of your way and create a batch/shell s-cript that uses RuneMate's commandline arguments to automatically log you in with your password in cleartext, that's your prerogative.
  5. Good point, didn't think of that.
  6. Problem with that is that it might show up in system logs and I always press the "send additional information" button when something crashes.
  7. System log issue is somewhat mitigated by using Two-Step Verification, not to mention that requires a level of access to your system where if one had it they could just as easily install a keylogger to the same effect. If you're talking about our exception reporting in RuneMate, then there's nothing to worry about. We don't send the command used to invoke the client for obvious reasons. If you're talking about system level "Send Additional Information" then I'd circle back to the Two-Step argument. Obviously there is no perfect solution here.

    On second thought if you are using our native installer you can input the commandline arguments into the .vmoptions file. I am not sure exactly how this file is used to invoke the jar, but if the executable passes on the file name to the jar instead of parsing and passing the arguments it would be safe to "Send Additional Information." Will require some investigation on the user's end to figure out which solution works best for them.

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