RS3 When will the full feature divination bots be free

Discussion in 'RS3' started by David30, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. When will the full feature divination bots be free
  2. When someone decides to make a full featured one for free.
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  3. When will these leechers stop posting every day and be appreciative of the high quality FREE bots that are available...
  4. After a quick google I found that getting 250 Divination takes about 250 hours plus or minus a few. If i did my math correctly ( I am tired and already doing physics) that would cost you a whole $12.50 to get 99. Don't eat out for a day or two depending upon how much you eat and you will have your 99.
  5. level 250 divination?... VAC
  6. Honestly, considering divination can be used to make money (or has that changed), a fully featured div bot will likely never be free, at least not permanently.
  7. It is, the bot QualityDivination v1.4.6 is completely free.

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