Where can i buy items? trusted sites?

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  1. I want to purchase a Phat, what is the likelyhood of getting scammed? even from a trusted site?

    Just link me some sites that you guys have used before.
  2. the grand exchange is pretty trusted
  3. Not helpful, but thanks for your reply.
  4. I wouldn't go and buy items directly, buy gold from some verified gold seller and buy the item over GE then.
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  5. This ^^
  6. Buy gold, then buy the item yourself from another player.
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  7. thanks!
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    Is there somewhere to find the street prices for Party hats? because im sure that they wont buy on the GE.
  8. Definitely going to reiterate what Evil and Savior said, that'll be the safest option. I'd never trust an external website for one item like that.
  9. From what I know they are being traded on the official forums.
  10. yeah im going too. I just need to know the prices so i can buy the gold and any other requirements
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    ahh, i dont know if i trust them though. Because of course everyone is trying to bump up the prices.
  11. Your best bet is to do some research, then.
  12. I believe you can join the fc 'rares' or something along those lines for prices, also in w2 ge south east corner is the rare area ask around there
  13. Alright, thanks for the help guys :)
  14. Go to the item discussion section, and you'll see a thread with rares price ranges. Personally, I wouldn't trade them people due to them being fucked up flippers.

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