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  1. Not sure if this is the right section, if not staff please move to correct one; but I was wondering about where a few good places to bot combat with ~80-85 melee stats using bandos and a lucky godsword are. The abyss is too crowded so if anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated, thanks :)
  2. Red spiders is where I got Maxed Melee.
  3. Aren't bandits good too?
  4. For lower (60-70/80) IMO, I just got back to my pc and this is what I woke up to at Hellhounds.


    Though, like @EvilCabbage said, red spiders in Varrock sewers are good XP, though I've never been. I, like you, wanted to go Abyss with the crystal hally, but it is impossible to find a spot before someone else comes in with Mage/Range.
  5. Dagannoths are really good XP.
  6. gif cannonball thank u
  7. gonna borrow this thread :) any ideas of a good boting spot for lvlv 45+ range lvling?
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