Dark where to level combat with bot?

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  1. so i've been having a tough time deciding where to leave my bot running to train combat, anyone have some ideas?
  2. Catacombs, Good for low levels, idk bout high lvls but ima try it tonight.
  3. Scorpions in Darwin mine is 50k a hour xp
  4. do you mean dwarven mine ?
  5. Im 75 att and 80 str and i only get 37k at scorpions with rune 2h, any better place to bot??
  6. Use alpha waterfiends... with full guthan i got about 110k atk xp and about 35k hp xp per hour :)
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    Guthan + Blood necklace + 8 sharks in invent and you are set for hours...
  7. Look very nice but i noly have 10k coins so no guthans for me :(
  8. 3rd floor of Stronghold of Security. This room is full of the small spiders that always hit 0's or 1's. Bring an inventory of food and just 1 or 2 pieces of armor and whatever weapon you want to fight them with.

    You can just simply turn on auto-retaliate and eat whenever you get low.

  9. Thanks for sharing, ima try that out tonight.
  10. Green spiders east of yanille - 80k at lvl 50

    red spiders karamja volcano - 100k/hr at lvl 60

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  11. You know good botting spot for 60 range? 100% Afk botting ?
  12. Lesser demons karamja volcano, demon slayer equipment for 5% exp and damage bonus. Use lobsters as food as they drop them frequently.

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  13. What about for level 45 ranged?
  14. Got this at al kharid warriors it kinda blows, was hoping for alot more xp, but meh... Screenshot

    Need to get strength up asap.

    Can someone name a afk spot for alot of xp for strength? I either get pk'd and the bot stops, or it doesn't eat... I set it to.. Maybe it's the scripts bots, what do you guys use?
  15. I go to lesser demons from 40+ - with the best equipment and using lobsters as food you can last a good 2-3 hours there before needing to go to the bank
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    1-40 burthrope mine trolls

    40-50 ankou in the strong hold of security

    50-60 green spiders

    60+ Red spiders in varrock sewers or karamja volcano
  16. What's your highest combat stat? I currently have 70+ in most of my combat stats and wondering where there is a good spot to actually leave it botting for like 6 hours getting good xp . There's currently no bots that are high level combat and walks back to bank on DS
  17. Yes, but will these monsters hit me hard? I am a obby mauler, meaning no def or attack. 27 pray and 57 strength.
  18. Obviously to some extent but you chose to be a pure so you have to deal with the consequences of having to refill your bank more often, not much you can do.

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