Question Which Bots are working with the new spectre client?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by theblackgrl, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Which bots work?? so far I have only managed to get maxi woodcutter to work. anyone know of anymore working bots? Thank you!
  2. Test them and find out - user feedback is the fastest way authors can update bots.

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  3. Most bots are broken cosidering specter API is totally different, and the ones that are updated are still going through small updates and optimization.
  4. Needed a thread like this. Only bot I have gotten to work is Alpha Magic, doing high alchemy.
  5. Where do u use maxiwoodcutter at? i use it at west varrock but my character always freezes at the bank and doesnt go back to the oak trees
  6. exact thing happens to me at every location
  7. Post your findings in the MaxiWoodcutter thread, so the Bot Author can address the issues you have mentioned. There's no use posting bug reports in this thread :)

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  8. Guys. how can you expect Bot Authors to ever fix their bots if you won't post this feedback on their specific threads. We don't have time to be going through the entirety of the forum hoping to find a bug pertaining to our bots. The Bot Support section is there to be used and we're notified whenever somebody posts on our threads.

    So instead of complaining that something doesn't work, please help us MAKE it work by making it known in the correct location.
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  9. Mass fighter works fine
  10. None. From my experience so far everything about this bot is broken rn
  11. Pi Chopper works. ^_^
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. Ffffuuuuuuuuuu

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