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  1. Hey, which Linux distribution would be the best for RuneMate and if it works on Linux VPS at all ?

    It is kind of surprising that there is no information on the website regarding this thing, and I had difficulties getting answer on shoutbox too.


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  2. Because the question has been asked on every botcommunity since the beginning of mankind. If you're new to linux, then go with Ubuntu. Which architecture (32bit/64bit) does not matter. Which version does not matter, as long as it's 12.04+. Also, be sure to purchase a GUI version.

    Which site are you planning to buy from? A lot of sites out there offer Ubuntu, but only in "console form" (no GUI). You will need an x-server for RuneMate.
  3. Well, every bot runs differently on Linux, and some functions may struggle to launch at this point.

    VPS with GUI is easy, but it is much more expensive. What I want to do is to install a desktop environment on server distro, and I wonder on which distro RuneMate works the best.
  4. The price should be the same, unless you order from some company for retards based in Zimbabwe. Also, every bot does not run differently on linux. That's like saying different games runs differently on Windows.

    If "VPS with GUI" is easy, then you have your answer?
  5. Every botting client runs differently on linux, and things do often behave oddly on certain linux distros.
  6. When it comes to Linux, or Unix in general, there are pretty much no "best distro" around. Just try them all out, and what you find the most suitable for you - use it. I personally prefer Debian.
  7. I'd say go with Ubuntu, Runemate isn't compatible with CentOS & RHEL. I'm not sure about Debian though.
  8. i'm running it on centos.... O.O
  9. I've used Ubuntu for years. Its my preferred Linux OS (and only one i have used). There was a little trial and error in my case between the system going into lock mode while watching videos (within 15-20 of last mouse movement) a few audio bugs where audio wasn't syncing to video, and a problem with YouTube not going into full screen correctly. It took a day or two of search online for people with the same problems and to solve it. After that's its been nothing but smooth sailing since. Ubuntu is my preferred and I've been nothing but pleased with it since. However the software doesn't seem too optimized for my AMD APU. This is a fairly low end PC that I bought a few years back after a lighting strike took out my old i5, tv, and the AC unit in my window.

    RS runs significantly better however on Windows 10 so I use that OS for this. I despise Windows tho, when Windows 10 released i got a bad upgrade that caused me to wipe the Windows partition. It didnt bother me much since i preferred Ubuntu but when i joined this site i knew i would have to reinstall it all and that took the better part of 15 hours thanks to a second failed upgrade and the 10 hours it took Windows 8.0 to fully update (I've heard they released a patch to fix the upgrade problem and sure enough no problem this time).

    Anyways if its your first time with Linux go with Ubuntu the community is so large and welcoming it would be a shame not to. In the event you run into a problem there will have already been several others who had it and will help you fix it. Since I fixed me few bugs its been nothing but flawless for me,
  10. What CentOS/Java/GNOME release?
  11. centos 7.1 java JRE 8u60 gnome updated,
    u have to switch the java release on terminal and it work perfeclty
  12. Archlinux here running Runemate with no problems.

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