Which do you play?

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  1. Oldschool

  2. RS3

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Just curious.
  2. I'm an oldschool 2003 veteran :p
  3. I'm a oldschooler as well! Been playing since 06', and I still like playing oldschool soo much more than RS3.
  4. RS3 mostly as of lately.
  5. Am I retarded or does the poll say 60% for both
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  6. Multiple votes are allowed :p
  7. RS3.. because you gotta keep up to date
  8. I play RS3, but really only do my daily in-game activities. The excessive amount of bonus experience through SOF and several minigames makes the game boring for me. The only reason I log in every day is to play for ~30 minutes to get closer to my completionist's cape. Only a few Dungeoneering and a few Divination levels to go!
  9. osrs, never played rs3
  10. I mostly go for RS3, but 07 is fun, too.
  11. Both, although not very much. Pretty much only play RS3 on my F2P skiller and OSRS with my combat account.
  12. At the moment I only play OSRS as my RS3 main got banned, sadly.

    Got banned using powerbutt
  13. rip in pieces ids <2
  14. The love of my life has gone, RIP Ids**.
  15. That is why you should notbot.
  16. RuneScape 3.
  17. Truth has been spoken.
  18. RS3. Waiting on legacy to finish comp cape reqs.

    Os feels like dead content.

    I've been botting rs3 on my test account for months now :).
  19. with epic?

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