who else got banned today?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by deadlycf, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. today at 17:04 or 17:05 (gmt) me and my friend were playing on runescape and we both dced at the exact same time and when we tried to log in again, we both found out that we were banned. He checked all of his other bots that were doing chins and they got banned also. Did anyone else get banned?
  2. Nope where you all playing on the same IP address?
  3. No I live in england and he lives in sweden
  4. Well seems you guys are out of luck then... Let me know if you will be looking to replace your accounts. Might be able to hook you up with some accounts at a cheap price.
  5. Created 2 accounts today, both using the tutorial island bot. 1 got insta banned after tutorial island.
    Other one is still alive up and running, managed to bot wc and fishing so far. Guess it will be my skiller if it stays alive :D
  6. OSRS or RS3?
  7. OSRS
  8. Its important to include that in the OP :)
    Also i believe that OSRS has a larger banrate then rs3 :p
  9. sort of obvious as there are much more players in osrs

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