OSRS Whoever made the random dismisser, thank you!

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Munchise, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Can really feel it effecting the ban rates on my farmers! Only had a couple banned since it's been added, so thank you!
  2. Is it automatically enabled?
    Do we need to take random tasks out of our bots?
  3. Yeah it's automatically enabled.
  4. Cloud is love. Cloud is life.
  5. Cloudy, is there a way to make the bot click certain random events that don't require conversation? Instead of dismissing the simple events.
    Like the genie, to get the exp lamp, or the highwayman. maybe this reduces bans further?

    Because no1 in their right mind dismisses the Genie...
  6. I dismiss it all the time. The bot authors can disable the random dismisser, and add claiming the lamp, but that seems like so much extra work for something that isn't really worth it.
  7. So true.
    Auto dismisser is THE SHIT.
  8. Cool to see its auto-enabled.

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