whos bot army is this holy shit

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  1. theres like 30 lol

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  2. Cleaned that up for you a little ;)
  3. What are they botting?

    Kinda reminds me of bug abusing through massive goldfarms.
  4. Probably fishing lobs @ Karamja.
  5. Now we know who the goldfarmer is;)
  6. This farm pales in comparison to mine, can't be banned when all of your sessions are human:

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  7. Why is that one guy holding a rocket launcher?
  8. cuz he is a baws
  9. thats me
  10. Somebody has 30 bots spread throughout the F2P worlds all botting Frogs in the Lumbridge Swamp, all wearing the same exact armor with randomized names.
  11. making that bank

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