Bug Why are all bots so slow???

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Jesse, May 12, 2016.

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  1. Every bot I run takes forever to do shit. A good 30-60 seconds between each action. My ram is at like 30% as well my computer is running beyond fine and there is no lag with RM.
  2. Probably old bots that haven't been optimized for Spectre. Which bots have you been trying?
  3. Every bot that needs to take items from bank and pick up items from the ground (Bank.withdraw fails when Bank.withdraw( "item", 0), the docs says it must take all but it does not).
  4. Alpha fighter
    Celestial fisher
    Maxi woodcutter
    Pi chopper
  5. Tagging @Vaped for that one.
  6. So whats the cause?
  7. Root cause if the way we query the game with Spectre, it takes a little longer. However, the durations you're suggesting are incredibly unusual if you're talking about all bots, which makes me think this is possibly an issue with your system in some way. That said, I've tagged in Vaped to check it out :)
  8. Very strange, I know that Alpha Fighter is working well for me and other people as well :/
  9. You sure about fisher? Ive optimized it a lot and no one seems to have any problems with it anymore
  10. 100%

    Wouldn't made this thread otherwise. Can play legit fine with no lag just takes the bots ages to click the objects/monsters but once the process like that has started it does it alright, e.g it will take ages to right click the monster but will click attack in about 2 seconds so??! also woodcutting isnt too bad cause oak and etc give more than 1 log a click but still makes botting sooooooooo slow
  11. Celestial fisher clicks freshly spawned fishing spots even faster than a human would, so it MIGHT be something on your end, but don't take my word for it.
  12. Which will get fixed in the next update, everything is setup logic-wise, I just need to make a solid system on how long it will wait before clicking a new fishing spot. I am thinking of reintroducing the old fatigue system with some better function
  13. Do me a favour, the server that hosts the website is probably different to the server(s) that handle various RM requests but...

    Try pinging runemate.com. The Windows command is ping runemate.com
    If you have an unusually high ping to the server, that could be the cause of your poor response times.


    That said, I'm pretty sure the only requests handled by the server are pathing ones, so it probably won't make a difference. Interesting test nonetheless.
  14. Celestial fisher & Maxi woodcutter both run more than smooth for me, haven't had any issues since Spectre release.
  15. As Clouse movements are not entirely based on the biometrics, but also on data stored in the servers (afaik), a high ping could also reduce interactions. That's just a hypothesis though.
  16. Yeah so it'll be interesting to see. If I'm right, then I'm a fucking genius and #party4exec2k16
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  17. Celestial Fisher is super responsive.
    Many old bots however are slow.

    Since you're having issues with Celestial Fisher too, it's a problem on your end.. somehow.

    EDIT: To set a baseline, I have no issues with runemate and ping results come back in exactly 3ms.
  18. I'm having no issues and my average ping is 250ms
  19. I'm pretty confident you don't have 3 ping to the servers unless you're living next to the datacentre.
  20. In* the data centre, Lol.
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