Question Why do I keep getting banned straight away

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  1. I made a new runescape account, I levelled up a few times before going on runemate, then I log in with runemate and after about 5 seconds it disconnects and bans me, why!?!?
  2. Please record this and post as proof. A lot of people have said this and been wrong.
  3. Does this happen every time? Can you try on a different pc but on the same internet connection? Can you try with a different IP, either use a proxy or have your ip changed if possible?
  4. Im not going out of my way to record it for proof why would I make such thing up? As soon as I log in with RuneMate it logs me out and then when I log back in it says im banned.
  5. This has happened to me before, it seems that this issue still persists.
  6. it literally takes 2 mins to record it so why don't you..
  7. how many times can you ge tbanned before you get permma banned?
  8. It takes almost 0 time to do so.
    It seems you're talking about delayed bans which happen no matter the client and always a few seconds after log in. These delayed bans have become the new default ban for Jagex and are confusing players who think they are getting banned on login, when they in fact were banned while they were logged off.

    Until you prove otherwise, you are encountering a delayed ban. Good day sir.
  9. "Leveled up a few times" meaning manually or using bots ?
  10. Please try using a different IP once Jagex flags IPs which banned accounts were previously playing on. I also have been banned upon login but I believe it was a delayed ban because it only happened to 1 account so far, you know how Jagex loves to tease botters making them think it was this or that reason.
  11. I just ran a account on and off extensively for 72 Hours, 4 hours breaks every 20, one-two quests a day manually. No ban here. (osrs) however, 5 alts just tut island got banned with tut island script bot, so vpn and do a quest and level to 5 or skill to 5 manually. Thats what I have found works best for me.
  12. Most likely bots and a delayed ban. Arbiter said that RM shouldn't be detected anymore. Seeing how the shoutbox has calmed down, I'd say it's true.
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  13. I ran the tutorial bot and i got banned immidately
  14. No shit bro... There is not much antistuff bot can do. It has to strictly follow the rules of tutorial. Start rs legit then proceed to bot. Rule no. 1
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  15. I tested the tutorial bot with over 20 accounts and found out the following:
    Running the bot and stopping before the mage (final trainer) will prevent a ban but does still get the account flagged so you'd need to not bot on the account for a week or so to be safe.
    None of the accounts I let do the complete tutorial survived. None of the bots that I manually did parts of the tutorial and let the bot finish survived.
    Only the bots that I stopped before mage trainer survived without immediate ban. However as I stated these bot accounts were flagged and were banned at a much higher rate than the accounts I manually did the entire tutorial island.
    Getting so many accounts banned got my IP temp banned from runescapes auth servers
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  16. I've ran bots multiple times the last few days and not been banned, as well as many others. Otherwise there wouldn't be 513 bots online. So it must be something on the users side that's causing this.
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  17. I'm running 4 bots right now that have all used the tutorial script bot for 5 days with 3-4 hour breaks a day and haven't been banned on either of them so far and they were free to play till today.
  18. You used tutorial bot for days and hours? I'm confused.
  19. Your ip is prob flagged, use a proxy.

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