Suggestion Why Runemate is undetectable and what is the "Anti bot system"

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  1. 1) Jagex has a code in each official client, when bot sites like epic bot powerbot and whatever modify the client and the checksum don't match with a random checksum that the official client gives, it automatically ban.

    2)Runemate uses the official client with reflection, no risk of jagex detecting client

    3)I THINK scripts bots CAN be detected. why? there's a .dll that looks if any archive of the client is BEING used or NO.
    so when a script bot reads mobs,npcs, it can be detected

    4)Suggestion: Runemate can copy the archives of official client into a temporary folder and redirect the scripts bots to read that temporary folder data instead of directly ACCESS in the game,using the temporary folder at real time without opening it or modifying the original files.

    5)Find that .dll or anti-ban system and disable it.

    Runemate is SAFE, carefully with scripts bots, test it before in a level 3 character for 48 hours with no pause.
    because the scripts bots injects in certain archives or process that can be detected by the official client. (look in what the scripts bots do)

    Runescape looks for suspecious actions.

    is rare a moderator ban any player because its hard to know who is bot.

    And i really hate jagex for the policy of banning bots, the money, items are so much cheaper in the bot age.
    and no one has 99999 hours to get lvl 99 in everything...

    ~~We will win, runematers~~

    Question: you got banned with what script bot and doing what?
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  2. I basically have the same theory. I think it's 99% the client and 1% the bot you are using, looking at how many players got banned using alpha divination a few days ago, and how quickly I have gotten banned through other clients in the past. Powerbot for instance lasted very shortly (usually 48 hours), next EpicBot a few days and finally the still unbanned Runemate. How else is this possible? I even once tried injecting Runemate into the powerbot client, guess who got banned after 4 hours (throwaway acc). I also started my current skiller with a throwaway acc, because I wanted to test the banrate of Runemate by doing fm 99 in 2-3 days with cheap logs. Guess who is still alive.
  3. You remember when happened the "Ban Day"?That jagex banned over 10 millions in a single day?
    Yea I didnt got banned.
    Used Simba BOT , super buggy, yea i know(and outdated and not much alive)... but i was able to do 5 Million in woodcutting. samba is reflection like runemate.

    i used 2 weeks without stop in 2011 and never got banned.

    Epic bot 5 minutes and wow macroing major, lost my account.

    But you want the best thing that have happened with me a few days after i get banned in 2011 ?
    I never got hacked since 2011..
    Epic bot is a virus! they stole my money and the equipaments, and i was f2p
    and i always logged in my notebook that don't have a single program, just firefox and runescape epic bot.

    I never trust epic bot anymore, or powerbot.
    (guthix rune armor and gold rune armor R.I.P)
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  4. Not quite sure what you mean by "looking at how many players got banned using alpha divination a few days ago". Unless people were talking about it in places other than the bot's discussion thread.
    I'm also not quite sure what you mean by "I even once tried injecting Runemate into the powerbot client", could you elaborate?
    "Because the scripts bots injects in certain archives or process that can be detected by the official client" Uhhh, what xD
    Also "so when a script bot reads mobs, npcs, it can be detected", I assume by archive you're referring to what's commonly called the jagex cache? If so then the client handles dealing with that, and afaik no bots/scripts bots use their own custom cache reading implementations.
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  5. What is samba bot? Maybe Simba?
  6. @SlashnHax

    Banned? Read Me First!
  7. This thread is full of inaccuracies and false statements, and honestly, quite painful to read.

    100% HUMAN MOVEMENT, no pattern detection ©
  9. I studied T.I and i know what I'm saying.
    The software "Bot Watch" See what client you're using, if its official or no, and make suspects into your account.
    It reads the archives, if an unnoficial software did any modification or no.
  10. This must be one of the most incoherent topics that I've ever read. You absolutely make no sense. It's as if you generated a random text based on keywords that are often used on botting websites. :(
  11. Hello :)
    I didn't intend to make it sound as if I don't like alpha divination, in fact it is my favorite divination script bot right now, with the huge amount of features and it's ability to run reliably for hours if not days. Also, I was refering to the posts in the "Got banned look here" thread, where lot's of people reported bans during a specific period, and many were using alpha div during that time - I don't know how many of these are false claims though, and how many include insufficient information, therefore I guess we should take that information with caution. Another reason why I was refering to these bans was, because I didn't train Divination during this time and didn't get banned from other bots, which made me believe it might be the skill itself or the divination bots used.

    Now to elaborate what I did with the powerbot client and runemate:
    1.) I downloaded the powerbot java client, then used Runemate as the "engine" instead of powerbot itself. I created a new f2p account and made it harvest pale energy.
    2.) At the same time I also setup an official RS-client on another PC, also using Runemate and doing the exact same thing on the same Runescape world.
    -> Alpha Divination running two bots on two different pc's, with the only difference being the client.

    Bot number 1.), using the powerbot client got banned after roughly 4 hours. Permanently banned.
    Bot number 2.), using the official client, didn't get banned and ran through the whole night, untill I stopped it after 12-14 hours.

    This question: Why did the one using the powerbot client get banned after JUST 4 hours. I think I am going to repeat this test a few times soon to see how reliable it is, as just one test run makes it hard to identify a pattern, but I am still surprised why exactly this happened.

    Sorry for any mistakes, German here.
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  12. is what i've said, the problem is the client, the botwatch knows your version, because there is a checksum of runescape servers.
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    its like the whatsapp technology, they encriptate some sources of the runescape, and the server "reads" them, to look which version you're using and what you're doing.
  13. I've been around the botting scene for the better part of 6 years now. I've been through Powerbot and the infamous "hack", through RSBuddy's legendary days and more recently as a proud user of Runemate. I've also tried a plethora of other bot clients out there during this time with varying success.

    During the years, I've observed 10s if not 100s of theories about Jagex's bot detection systems and how we can best stay 'safe' from being banned. Some of these theories do in fact sound reasonable and practical, while others sound out of this world.

    My thoughts have always been the following:

    1) Never bot on an account you do not want to lose
    2) Be prepared to have all of your accounts banned, if you try out macros.
    3) Bot sensibly and you will be okay

    I've only ever had one account banned in my entire botting "career" and it was last week on OSRS - I made a new account and was "suicide" training it - It got banned after about a week of play time and only after training fishing for 18 hours straight.

    At the end of the day, the theories bot users (and even to a lesser extent, the developers) put out there about Jagex's detection systems mean little to me, as they are just theories.

    Only Jagex themselves know what their real detection methods are, and I'm sure they are pretty keen on keeping those methods a secret for as long as possible.
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  14. Guess we just need real life robots that play Runescape already. It's 2016 ffs.

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