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  1. hey guys i'm new here and for the first in any botting client I see the option to use a proxy.

    what is the advantage of using a proxy and how should I set one up. I own several domeins and hosts but whats different when not using one?
  2. Using a proxy has several advantages.
    1. If your own IP is flagged and you wish to use a new one
    2. If you bot on multiple accounts and don't want all of them banned when one gets banned. [multi-ban] [gold-farming]
  3. where can I find a tutorial to instal a proxy on my server? i installed phpoxy on my server but cant connect with it prob doing something wrong
  4. What exactly are you trying to accomplish ?
  5. im trying to use a proxy with the bot I got glype running on my server but I have no clue what port to use I get a connection to server error

    i guess port 80 just times out
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