why wait for spectre?

Discussion in 'General' started by motorhead, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. why wait? can someone explain the differences and how the detection rates are with spectre? what is the ETA?
  2. No eta. That's the reason why the timer is jumping around and going crazy. But as a tester I could imagine the release to be ready in 2 weeks. Of course I might be completely wrong and it could be ready in a few days or another month.
    But yes Spectre will have lower ban rates, guaranteed.
  3. why will it have lower ban rates though
  4. You should wait because the name sounds cool.
  5. I believe I am not allowed to say, since last time I said it the message got removed. :/
  6. How do you even know? they told you!?
  7. Yes. And because I am currently running Spectre lol.
  8. have you tried suiciding?and have you received any bans?
  9. Suiciding will always eventually result in a ban. There's nothing the botting client could prevent if the bot user is a moron.
    But I haven't used it yet to bot, the reason of the closed alpha is to find bugs and improve the new version, which is constantly happening atm :)
  10. Read the thread m9

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