Resolved Why will the client not re-log my account after it logs out??

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  1. Since the Christmas update, my client no longer is able to go through the longin handler etc. (so therefore my bots can only last 6 hours tops, some of them not even that such as litefisher). I have double checked my passwords and username information in the account selection. please give me some pointers and any suggestions whether deleting the client and reinstalling is my best bet. Thanks a bunch, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. Also this is OSRS. When this occurs no error pops up. all it says is login handler activated and then does nothing.
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    does anyone have any ideas???? deleted then reinstalled the client and still having the same issue
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  3. Why 6 hours? There is no 6 hour limit anymore. Jagex increased it to 23 hours ages ago.
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    does it log you in when you first start the bot? does it work on rs3?
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  4. Then it must be just in general, it does not activate at all. such as when i use litefisher etc. i was just guessing it was when it was 6 hours due to i normally bot when i am sleeping so i never really get an accurate timer. but this happens all the time whenever the bot logs out for whatever reason the handler does not activate. any ideas?
    also i do not play rs3, only osrs. the bots do start as normal. this just started happening after the recent christmas update to the longin screen,
  5. Then that's probably your answer. They changed the login interface which broke the handler. @Cloud
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  6. true, just have heard very little similar problems. thanks for the help, i guess i have to wait until they change it back. Also big fan of your maxiwoodcutter bot.
  7. Heh, well in that case you'll be a big fan of the announcement i made on the thread yesterday or the day before.
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  8. now that the christmas login interface is gone i would expect this to be fixed but this is not the case. please someone help me once again! thanks

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