Will my plan work?

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  1. So I'm thinking of setting up 5 rs3 fishing bot to farm lobs/swordfish in karamja they'll be lvl 3 and new accounts

    I want to pool that gold and then swap to to my osrs account that I would think wash the money right?

    Only thing is it's tedious to set up all these bot's is having them all fish alright? I don't mind if it's woodcutting or something simple farm skill as long as it makes decent money. I would run the bots about 6 hours a day, I don't plan on doing anything other than fish or someo ther farming skill

    I have a VPN, but am unsure how to use it for RS, do I change my IP prior to connecting or after since I'd also be playing my osrs account ideally on a different IP?
  2. karamja fishing has quite high banrate and not really a lot of $$ an hr.
  3. Get rich or die tryin'
  4. Not a good idea. First because of the banrate at that location and because the money p/h is not even worth. I would go for a set of 3 runite ore superheaters but that is just to much money needed to set it all (150+M for a good run)
  5. Hmm alright... so these are going to be f2p account at least to start with .

    I don't have any capital to really invest in rs3 since I'm coming back after a few years

    What are your suggestions to farm and to set up a 5-6 bot farm?
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    Alright....so here is an update lol

    2/5 accounts banned from trying to level bot them to lvl 20combat on chikens guess ill keep going though im running on a vpn so i think my IP shouldn't ber flagged
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    Update 2: 3rd account banned which was created today after the first two no clue what is going on
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    Update: all 5 got banned *sigh* I guess leveling them to 20 might not be a good idea in lumbridge? kind of annoying to find site to make email accounts
  6. The VPN you are using is likely flagged. I'm assuming it's a shared one? Those are never a good idea. RuneMate supports SOCKS proxies, which are the only kind that work with RuneScape.
  7. I use private internet access
  8. Yeah that's a shared VPN and one of the most popular. Bad idea to bot with. That explains the high ban rate.
  9. Ah crap... well that sucks lol dam i think ill save myself the headache and just buy rs gold lol for anything i need
  10. How to use SOCKS proxy?
  11. At the login screen there is a dropdown menu for proxy settings. You will have to find/buy a SOCKS proxy. You can google for that. I would highly discourage public (free) proxies as they are usually too slow to run the game and potentially flagged.
  12. I guess you died tryin'... anyhow, I suggest you to buy old rs3 accounts and bot on them. Waaay lower ban rate.
  13. Nope still trying can't give up yet haha, I have 1 account that's been woodcutting 3 hours a day lol and hasn't been hit too scared to go up to 6 right now lol and its f2p which sucks there doesn't seem to be too many good way to make money there and even bigger pain to transfer the gold to my main so finding it best to have them farm stuff I can use or sell on my main
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    Any site you recommend to buy old accounts?

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