will suicide botting risk the ban of my semi-legitimate account?

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  1. I was thinking I could make a quick buck by opening like 5 accounts,suicide bot for a while and then transfer over all the swag to my main account before their inevitable ban. Will I be IP logged and get insta banned on my regular account if I bot on it? My regular account is by no means clean, in the sense that I have botted the shit out of it and intend to do so for a while. Though this account has no strikes or bans, and I have been botting fairly safe for its life, that being I have quests completed skills that I didn't bot etc etc.

    So, should I do it? And if I would be IP logged is there any way to avoid it other than VPN? Because I would rather not bother trifling with all that lol.
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  2. If you've every botted on it yes it could but if never botted then no unless they did you for real world trading due to the other accounts.
  3. If you haven't botted on your main, you should be all safe. Remember that suiciding on other accounts, and then botting on your main might have a negative effect.

    This is from personal experience.
  4. as i said, i have botted on my main just never been banned for it. but as i feared it seemed that getting 5 accounts banned would also flag my main account, meaning i could not bot it or get banned ;-; ah well lol
  5. You gonna get IP flagged doe
  6. your never gonna get doe or cool swag by suiciding ur bots and or main ur just gonna get banned
  7. I never understood the point of suicide botting unless you are testing the script bot.
  8. "Bot hard or go home" - WYD
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  9. Lmao
  10. 8-12 hrs no breaks = relatively safe on rs3. idk about 24/7
  11. seriously? 8 hours is SAFE? damn lol
  12. Depends on skill.
  13. I am using somewhat of a "schedule" for botting, 8-12 has been pretty much the sweet spot for me so far.
    ontopic: It seems like suicide botting does flag IP adresses, and since you're botting on your main as well, I see no reason why they wouldn't ban your main too if they were to flag your IP.
  14. how long do you think it would take me to get an account to the point where is has enough shit done to not count as new. what i mean by this is that it would no longer really be suiside botting as this account has some skills.

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