Resolved Will try and pick up items behind action bar

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  1. If an item is behind the action bar (i.e. not accessible) it will recognise it as being visible and will attempt to pick up the said item. A video is attached to help explain the bug.

    Spectre Version: V1.1.5
    Bind Version: V1.1.0
    Affected Games: RS3
    Code Used:
    Code (Text):
    2. // Picks up the item and if it is a cowhide, it will add a count to the total cowhides
    3. if (item != null) {
    4. if (item.interact("Take", itemName)) {
    5. Execution.delayUntil(()->!item.isValid(), 5000);
    6. if (item != null && !item.isValid() && itemName.matches("Cowhide")) {
    7. script.addCowhide();
    8. }
    9. }
    10. }

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    Was told this probably isn't a bug, so just delete if so ples.

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    Post #4 by Cloud, Apr 14, 2016
  3. Thats because it theoretically is visible. It gets projected, but overlayed by an interface. You could potentially detect that, but it would be very heavy to check every interface if it overlays the model.
  4. Yeah, thought about that after I posted it.
  5. We used to do the calculations but they're too heavy, we're working on a better solution but it won't be ready for some time since we have other things on our plate.
  6. That's all good.

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