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Discussion in 'RS3' started by kristiaan, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just a question...
    Would YOU personally go for 99 Herblore by cleaning Grimy Torstol?
    I am leven 81 now.

  2. Nope i would go for overloads since it's great for PVM.
  3. I don't boss so I guess I wont really need it xp
  4. It works, one of my bots has 98 herb from cleaning herbs :)
  5. Takes long as fuuuuck but if i had the money maybe lel
  6. Yeah thats kind of what im doing too, sucks that the ge limit doesnt allow me to bot while i sleep lol can only stock up on 10k at once and theyre like over 50m, bummer.
  7. Time is money. In other words; no.
  8. well idk left the bot for a good 14 hours today made a solid 17m lol just off cleaning
  9. off what herb? :)
    And cleaning is slower yes, but still...
    Cleaning herbs makes herblore the same speed as divination :p

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