Rejected Windows 10 specific icon set

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  1. Tile and icon assets

    It would be nice if you could update the icons to be compatible with Windows 10's design guidelines. A simple white version for the system tray (and black for those who use black icons) would be a good beginning.

    Good: Dropbox, Onedrive, 1Password
    Bad: RuneMate, OSBuddy, Malwarebytes
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  2. Lol so much struggle with the green icon @Arbiter
    I agree though.
  3. I'd consider Dropbox bad too, because of the green check mark. Matter of taste I guess.

    White would be good doe.
  4. Yeah I'm a bit iffy about Dropbox, but at least they try.
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  5. I would agree if this were a Windows only app. Unfortunately, a white icon does not look good across the platforms, like Linux and OSX. It was originally white and we moved away from it. While Windows may use white icons for built-in icons, I also wouldn't say that white icons are the accepted standard.

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  6. It's just a color doe...
  7. @Arbiter I'm quite sure it would be possible for the windows installer to select the "correct" icon out of several, though.
    Put it at the bottom of your backlog :)

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