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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by DrewChrist, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. I have a PC in another state that I leave on and connect to remotely to run a client, but I can't get the client to start. I have Java 8 installed. I tried both the installation package and standalone version and neither of them work on my system. When I try to open I don't receive any errors, instead nothing happens. I thought to use the RM tool, but there is not an option for the issue I am having.
  2. Have the same problem.dont get any errors but cant launch it, but i can see it in processes. Btw using xp32 bit dunno if its changing anything
  3. People still use this?
  4. As you can see, yes.
    Does even runemate support windows xp 32. I downlaoded 32 bit version. but dunno maybe install for it is outdated.
    I downloaded epicbot just to see if its works and yes I can use it but cant use runemate.
    Hope some1 will poste something useful.
  5. I didn't choose windows XP, I just happened to have a computer with it that I could use for this purpose. Anyways some help would be great.
  6. Last time I heard RuneMate only supported 64 bits Java
  7. If that is true, wait for spectre.

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