OSRS wine drinker and water filler

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  1. Step 1. Buys wine jugs for a certain amount price, which you can fill in, therefore start in g,e
    Step 2. drinks wine until all the jugs you have bought are empty.
    Step 3. Then fills the jug with water from any fountain near Grand Exchange.
    Step 4. Once it fills all the jugs with water it would sell them to Grand Exchange.
    Step 5. Repeats the process.

    I would like this script bot for free.
    You have a choice of making a lite version which will do steps 1-3, so wont sell jug of water to g.e and wont buy more jug of wine.
    But you can make the script bot for free, if you would thank you.
  2. Off-topic: where did you find your inspiration to choose your username on here?

    On-topic: are you skilled with Java? If so, you can easily make this ;)
  3. if i was skilled i probably would have made it by now, but i am not.

    It was my main on runescape, used the random button to generate the name, but got banned. No inspiration really lol.
  4. Without GE interference it would be relatively easy. There isn't really a good API to deal with GE yet apart from an experimental one.
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  5. Are you willing to make it? If yes, don't support the g.e, since u said it would be hard.
  6. I'm busy with another project at the moment, perhaps later, but maybe other authors want to make it.

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