OSRS wine making bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mary12345, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. if there's already a bot capable of this, let me know please
  2. How exactly do you make wine? Cant google atm
    On my phoney
  3. add grapes to jug of water. it's great cooking xp, but extremely tedious
  4. Just that?
  5. yep
  6. Maybe i will make one
  7. Did you ever make this? looking for a script bot for it (OSRS)
  8. Nah i didnt make it

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  9. are you planning on it? exp rates are so high, nearly 500k/hr and 1gp/2exp

    - ban rates would be low too
  10. Yeah maybe

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  11. honestly, if you did make it, i'd imagine that it would be popular once people realise how easy it is from 35 cooking -> 99 in two days
  12. This is very true :D
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  13. i did winemaking on 3 accs to 99 0 bans
  14. Will do it today.
  15. will it support rs3 as well? or are you only doing OSRS?
  16. If wanted, both
  17. I would really like an rs3 version if you have the time.
  18. almost done
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  19. You are a god. - Is it going to be free?
  20. Yes. But you can donate me anytime :p
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    Does anyone bother to lend me a mill or two to test it properly?

    I have 30k on my main osrs. Thank you

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